Graphic Novel Review: DC Comics Green Lantern Re-Birth

Hal Jordan was the Green Lantern of Earth and the entire Sector 2814. His hometown of Coast City was destroyed and it residents killed due to the evil schemes of the alien Mongul. In an attempt to bring back the his hometown and its residents, Hal abused his power as a Green Lantern and turned evil. He then took the name Parallax and attempted to re-create the Universe according to his liking. But he sacrificed his life in order to save Earth and went on to roam the face of Earth as part of the vengeance seeking entity known as the Spectre.

On his journey from the outer edges of the Universe, current Green Lantern Kyle Rayner discovered something about the entity of fear known as Parallax, a name which was once held by his predecessor Hal Jordan. With this information, he travels back to Earth. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan tries to experience the life he once has despite the struggle of having the Spectre having a control over him. Aside from that, his evil personality as Parallax also tries to have an influence over them. Hints of Hal’s re-appearance sends the Justice League in an alert, still recollecting of the dangers he had possessed when he turned evil. As Kyle sets foot back on Earth, it sends off a strange manipulation on the Green Lanterns in Earth: Kilowog, John, Stewart, and Guy Gardner until Ganthet released them from their control. Later on the real Parallax, the entity of fear, made its existence known to the combined forces of the Justice League, Justice Society of America, and the rest of Earth’s superheroes. It is now up to the Guardian Ganthet, and Green Lanterns Kilowog, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and the returning Hal Jordan to use all the willpower that they have and overcome fear and have the light of Green burn even brighter.

The entire story was about the return of Hal Jordan into the super hero character that he was more known as. The story also explained other details in the Green Lantern mythology, specifically, about the entity of fear known as Parallax. For me, the inclusion of DC’s great superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman into the story added impact in the bearing of the event. Also the resurface of an old villain Sinestro was something good as he was most known as the anti-thesis to Hal Jordan’s super hero status. Not to overlook was the great art that made reading the book much more enjoyable.

A good story that had a big impact in the DC Universe timeline, specifically into the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan’s character shift from good to evil and his absence from having a super hero status, for me, was a sad event in comic history. Hal, to me, belongs in the same league as Bruce Wayne being Batman, Clark Kent being Superman, and Barry Allen being the Flash. Even though Kyle Rayner took on and kept the Green Light shining, Hal as a superhero was something that should have never ended before. Though it was always good to have something changed in order to entice the interest of readers, referring to his transformation from hero to villain, Hal Jordan’s comeback as a Green Lantern is really something great.