Justice League Action Figures

I remember the first time I saw a Justice League action figure, I must have been five years old and it was the coolest thing I ever seen. It was a 4-inch high plastic replica of Superman and I was hooked. Now 30 something years later I am still hooked I want to share with you some of my research.

The team had been around since the 50s using the name Justice Society. However, the name was changed to the Justice league, in 1960 by the writer Gardner Fox; who was a huge fan of the National Football League and American baseball leagues. The JLS was first formed in 1960 and the original lineup consisted of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aqua Man and the Martian Manhunter. This was by far the best lineup (in my opinion) and remained the core of many of the lineups that appeared over the next 40 years.

The JL has had many interesting headquarters over the years: including the secret cave in Rhode Island, an orbiting satellite (JLA was based on the moon) and even Detroit, Michigan.

The JL ‘s heyday was the early to mid 70s where you could find Justice League action figures in pretty much any shop you walked into. However, the series declined in popularity in the early 80s and in 1984, DC and made a radical attempt to re-energize the series. In hindsight, this proved disastrous as the original team was disbanded and replaced with newer younger characters and the secret headquarters was moved to Detroit Michigan!!!

In an attempt to restart the series in 1986, a spin-off was introduced: the Justice league International. This series brought a lot of much needed humor to the franchise and was initially extremely popular; however, the writers really struggled to maintain the balance between humor and action and the series eventually failed in the mid-90s.

In 1996 Justice League America was formed (JLA is probably the most famous JL spin-off). JLA was about getting back to basics. The original team was reintroduced and the focus was now on global problems of a magnitude that required the whole team’s powers to be successful. JLA was hugely successful right up until they were dissolved in 2007 (for more details read infinite crisis, it is fabulous, and you will love it)

Approximately one year after the infinite crisis, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman reformed Justice League of America and rumor has it that a live-action movie is forthcoming (complete with new Justice League action figures)