Justice League Costumes in Upcoming Superhero Movie

Superheroes, they’re everywhere – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! With Marvel’s “The Avengers” scheduled for release in 2011, it brings back rumors of the “is-it or isn’t it” happening of a Justice League movie. Not too long back, DC Comics was into the production of their superhero movie, “Justice League: Mortal.” Rumor has it that the movie, to have been directed by George Miller, was already over $200 million in expenses before the axe on the project dropped while filming in Australia. Ouch. Surfing around on the internet, it seems like it may be gearing back up for 2013.

Regardless of when a Justice League movie will be made, fans will be lining up to see the world’s most famous group of good guys (and girl). Featured in comic books, cartoons and movies, this team of crime-fighters has evolved over time, with new characters coming and going. But, for the most part, the main members of the Justice League (and the ones most likely to be in the upcoming flick) are Superman, Batman, The Flash Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter.

Halloween and children’s birthday parties are sure to be infused with plenty of superhero costumes, party merchandise and toys thanks to the renewed interest in superheroes of both Marvel and DC Comic persuasion. Dress up as the “Man of Steel” in a Superman or as the “Caped Cruisader” in a Batman costume and head out to save the day – or, better yet, head of the casting agent’s office and see if you can land one of the roles!

Really, you can’t go wrong wearing a superhero costume. Head-to-toe Spandex is sure to get you noticed wherever you go and may even gain you the nod into that exclusive club you’ve wanted to hang out at! Other great places for superhero costumes is to meet up with all the other fanboys and fangirls at the nearest comic convention – or host your own superhero shindig and make wearing a Justice League costume part of the deal! Bam – Pow – Shazamm!