Justice League: History of Heroes

The Justice League of America was formed when Earth was invaded by a tribe of six alien warriors from the planet of Appelaxia. Armies were powerless against the invaders and super heroes from all over the country came to fight the Appelaxians in order to save the Earth. As each of the super heroes tried fighting against the aliens one-by-one the super heroes were being defeated. Then, when they started to work together, they began defeating the evil alien invaders. In the spirit of cooperation, the superheroes were able to save the Earth from the invaders and the original Justice League was formed. The Justice League members included: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and The Martian Hunter.

One of the biggest lessons that repeats throughout the Justice League comics is that although everyone has special characteristics that make them unique, ultimately the power to win comes from the cooperative effort and no one person can do it on their own. Super heroes, like people, have to learn to put aside their differences of opinions, their prejudices and their personal biases and learn to work professionally with one another despite disagreements. Justice League members have to learn to put differences aside and know that they can trust and rely upon each other when they are called upon to protect the world citizens from villains, supernatural creatures and any other destructive forces of evil destruction that may develop.

The Justice League is not so different from humans, and in particular children in that aspect. We, too, have to learn who we can count on in difficult times and who we can trust to protect us when we feel vulnerable. With both male and female members, the Justice League offers someone for everyone to look up to and imitate. The Justice League is a great group of role models for young people and a wonderful theme for a party of young children.