Justice League

One of the hottest subjects to talk about is Justice League; it may be because it is one of the greatest stories published by DC Comics, it could be because the Justice League: Mortal film is out in 2013 or it could be because superheroes are the biggest trend at the box office and at fancy dress retailers. There are various origins of the League, but the most popular origin told is a story of alien warriors coming to Earth competing to see who would conquer the world first. Attacks from the aliens, Appelaxian drew the attention of many superheroes.

These superheroes were Superman, Batman, Flas, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Each and every superhero managed to fight off many encounters with the aliens, but failed to accomplished one mission; it was only if they worked together as a team that they could relieve Earth from any attacks.

Justice League or Justice League of America or JLA as they are also known as has increased in size since their first appearance in the ever so popular DC Comics. The founding members, stated above first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28, but it wasn’t until Justice League of America #4 came out where you saw the team start to steadily grow.

The 1960s recruits included Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman and Black Canary. In the 1970s the Justice League once again expanded this time using the powers of Phantom Stranger, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Hawkgirl and Zatanna. Since then the Justice League team was split into several groups, some of which were; Justice League America, which was led by none other than Wonder Woman, justice League Task Force, led by Martian Manhunter and Extreme Justice, which was led by Captain Atom. New recruits to the Justice League has carried on with the latest recruits coming from year-long comic book limited series Justice League: Generation Lost, which sees the introduction of Blue Beetle and Rocket Red #7.

With increased interest and ongoing popularity with the comic books, it’s no wonder why Hollywood directors, script writers and producers are eager to make a film about the Justice League. Both Marvel and DC have received incredible success with their superhero films, so Justice League: Mortal, should create an even bigger buzz, especially as it will be released around the same time as the film about the popular Marvel team, The Avengers.

The characters, which are rumoured to be announced to feature in the film include: Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash and Talia AL Ghul. Hype and buzz is already swamping the film industry, but it is affecting the themes people are choosing for a fancy dress party.

Everyone is going crazy for superhero fancy dress, whether the girls want to dress up as a girly alternative of a male superhero, for instance, Robin (Batman’s sidekick) or boys want to show off how much muscle they can grow over night with the help of a Batman or Superman suit.

Whatever you are looking for in a superhero costume it can be found on the internet and will be ideal for any superhero fancy dress party. Alternatively there are also some incredible Marvel costumes that are perfect for fans of The Avengers.

The Green Lantern Movie Review

I never thought in a million years that I would get to see a live action Green Lantern movie. Of all of the members of the Justice League, he was the one character that seemed to be the least familiar and the hardest to develop into a stand-alone film. Add to that the fact that pretty much all of the Green Lantern’s powers come out of the ring meaning that the special effects would have to be such that they are believable and that most of the film would be using a ton of effects. Luckily the technology is now available to make this a reality and therefore we now have Green Lantern in his own film. My hope is that this might lead to additional individual films for each member of the Justice League leading up to a Justice League movie, just like Marvel has done with the members of the Avengers leading up to the Avengers movie due out next year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that, but in the meantime lets discuss their current effort of Green Lantern.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Green Lantern, he is a member of a larger group called the Green Lantern Corps. They are an organization created by the Guardians of the Universe that patrol the entire galaxy to maintain balance and uphold justice throughout the universe. Each Green Lantern is proved a special ring that allows the Lantern to create anything they can imagine. You see, the ring is powered by willpower and the things it constructs are only as powerful as the willpower of the Lantern using it. This film deals primarily with the first human Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, and also gives us a great introduction to the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians, and their worst enemy Parallax.

For the most part, I was quite pleased by the story they told about the origin of Earth’s first Green Lantern. The casting of Ryan Reynolds was just about perfect, however the actor who stole the show for me was Mark Strong as Sinestro. I can’t think of anyone else that could have come close to his performance. If only they had made him the villain of the film, however I hope that this one does well enough to warrant a sequel. In fact, the best parts of the entire film were those dealing with the Corps as a whole and all of the scenes filmed on the Lantern home world of Oa. If only they had kept the scenes involving Hal finding Abin Sur and his wrecked space craft and Hal finally accepting the ring, but when he travels to Oa to begin his training and learning about the Corps, the action should have remained there to have Hal and the entire corps battling Parallax then have Hal come back to Earth as it’s protector. I just wasn’t as impressed by the after Hal comes back from Oa when he decides that he doesn’t want to accept the responsibility of becoming the Green Lantern. They could have just as easily created an origin story that took place on Oa and was only on Earth for the beginning and ending of the film. That being said, I was still incredibly impressed by what they did manage to put together and the overall story that they told. This was a good introduction to this amazing character but it is just the tip of the iceberg as to everything the Green Lantern can do and how essential he is to the safety of Earth and the Galaxy he helps to protect.

If you are any fan of Superman or Batman, you should go and check out this film. Keep in mind that Green Lantern is one of the seven founding members of the Justice League that includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. I can’t tell you how much I hope and pray that we will not only get to see individual films for each of these characters, but also see them joined together in a Justice League movie. Give this film a chance, despite any bad reviews you might have seen, and immerse yourself in this incredible world. If this film doesn’t do well, our chances of seeing more of these characters in their own films will vanish before they are even given the chance.

J.Chandler: B

The Best Green Costumes For This Halloween

Are you looking for an ultra unique color scheme for your costume this Halloween? You might want to consider getting out in green. Green costumes not only stand out in photos and make you look easy on the eyes, they will also most likely win you the favor of environmentalists.

If you’re thinking that a green costume looks like something out of a Batman movie, channeling The Riddler or Poison Ivy, you’ll be delighted to know that your costume choices aren’t really that limited to body hugging garb. Your green Halloween look can also be wholesome, even adorable.

Green Lantern Costume

The best thing about the Justice League is that if you’re a fan, your costume choices in terms of color are varied. Red is The Flash, blue is Superman, and, of course, green is the Green Lantern. This costume looks great in both boys and girls, so anybody can wear it.

Green Goblin Costumes

Green costumes for Halloween can also be scary, if you don’t want to deviate from the spookfest that comes with the occasion. You can come as a green goblin! You can choose between an actual green little monster or the Spider-Man villain.

Green Army Man Costume

Guys and girls alike can go crisp and masculine with a green army man costume. Imagine moving from house to house trick or treating and commanding army-level attention from fellow trick or treaters. Go general!

Green M&M Costume

Who doesn’t love those round and cute M&M characters? You can add the cutesy factor to your Halloween look by coming in as an M&M. This type of costume can be a little tricky to prepare as it requires a full costume especially prepared for the occasion.

In short, you can’t just use whatever you have in your closet and create a combination that would make a great look. You can rest assured, though, that this is probably one of the most attractive of green costumes around. It will surely make you one of the most huggable characters of the night.

Green Power Ranger Costume

Another striking superhero costume is the power ranger — and like the Justice League, their color scheme is varied enough to give you wide range of choice. This costume is also great for both boys and girls. Practice your karate poses in front of the mirror to complete your look and become star of the night!

Halloween parties are all about interesting variety and there is absolutely no doubt that green costumes will make you look different from the crowd. Dressing up for this occasion is all about standing out and being noticed. Now don your look and go get that best in costume prize! Have fun!