The JUSTICE Card in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards

In the Justice card in the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot Cards, you can see a figure in long red and green robes, seated between two pillars, with a veil behind. The figure is wearing a crown and is holding a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other hand.

This is a powerful card and the person drawing it needs to have strength and courage in whatever they are undertaking.

Colours of the Justice Card

The Colours are mostly strong red, which is the colour of external power. The green cloak represents compassion and love, which are also important in matters of justice.

The curtain behind is a deep purple, which is a mixture of strong red, representing the material outer world and blue, which is a colour of inner emotions.

Symbols of the Justice Card

The sword is double-edged and as such can fall in either direction. The scales of justice suggest balance and fairness. The Crown represents authority of some sort, mostly in the external world. The pillars represent duality and balance and the veil between them indicates that there is much more to this person or this situation than is being revealed.

Meaning of the Justice Card Upright

This can be a legal or official situation for someone. It may be to do with mediation or discussions and may or may not involve courts. The person may need to seek advice from someone who is balanced and impartial in their advice.

Unless indicated otherwise by surrounding cards, the situation will usually turn out for the highest and best good. The phrase “Justice will be done” comes to mind, although that may or may not be in favour of the person drawing this card.

As a person, it can be pointing to someone who has a real sense of justice and fairness and a huge desire to champion the underdog, or to support a cause they have a complete passion for.

There may be a need to look at your situation and ask yourself whether you are being really objective and balanced in your approach.

This is a card of logic. There is no place for emotion with this card.

Meaning of the Justice Card Reversed

The Meaning of the Justice Reversed is an injustice or a miscarriage of Justice or someone who is not being fair or objective in their dealings. They may be trying to misuse their power or authority or trying to bully others by threats of legal proceedings. The scales of Justice can tip either way and, although you would hope that the proceedings would be based on logic, that is not always the case.

In the Reversed position, the figure is propped up on her his or her sword and so runs a great risk of falling on it and doing themselves some serious damage.

You can now prominently see the yellow sun at the bottom of the card. Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus and can be the centre of the ego. If the Reversed card points to a miscarriage of Justice, it may be that the root cause is ego and personal prejudice.

If the Justice Reversed points to legal and official matters, it may not necessarily be the case that the decision has been incorrect, however the person asking the question is likely to feel very strongly that they have been severely wronged.

The surrounding cards will probably give a lot more information as to what has happened and what needs to be done in way of next steps.

Amanda Goldston

Tarot Author and Coach

©2010 Amanda Goldston